Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Park in the Junkyard


Like a professional driver that you are, prove your skills as an expert car coordinator and gently glide the rusty car towards the parking lot. Follow the arrows and the direction they point at and complete each level in record time.

You might want to pay attention to the road, since interesting, yet challenging things will happen throughout the park in the junkyard game. Pay attention to the traffic and the incoming cars that also want to park in the junkyard, and carefully avoid them. parking games online are not only about parking, but are also about direction and coordination, ensuring a safe delivery and a smooth ride. Make sure you also collect some junk along the way and perfect park the trunk in the indicated parking space.

To complete each level, you have to leave the map of the junkyard and upgrade your status. So after you delivered the big car, don't forget to leave the junkyard by any means. So have fun, enjoy the challenging parking game and clear out the junkyard!