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2 Long 2 Park


There is no better way to master the roads than playing car games online, here were everything is virtual you can try over and over again any monouvers that can give you a hard time in real life. Oe of the hardest thing a driver has to do is to park his car and a even harder thing to do is to park your truck, this is were this game comes in, it can help get an idea on how to park a long truck, and beside this you will have to learn how to load and unload it.

The goal of the game is to drive the truck to the loading spots on the level without hitting anything and loading and unloading it somewhere else, this mimics the life of a real truck driver, but don't be fouled this game is a lot more easy than in real life because you can see the hole truck from above. One of the hardest thing you must get used to is controlling that forklift, it is a little bit strange since it has the cornering wheels in the back and it may seam a lite over the hand at first. Playing this online hard parking game will give you a glimpse of a truck mans ordinary day.