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Glamour Parking


Just imagine yourself being the valet of a 5 star hotel and your colleagues are all sick and had to stay at home. The boss is acting like a boss should act – he is angry at you and puts the whole work on your shoulders. The latest parking games of this genre will make you enter and feel the atmosphere that they want to transmit to you.

Now that you are prepared for a small part of what will soon happen you need to know all about these valet parking games! But if you thing about it, the latest parking games, among which there is also Glamour Parking, puts the wealth and luxury behind the hotels in another light. You – the player – can live for a few minutes the life of a valet, a life that is not so interesting as you may think and sometimes very stressing.

So, what do you say? Do you want to be the valet of the most luxurious 5 star hotel? Well… if you choose to try it you have to know that in the minutes that will follow you will park the cars of the richest people in the world in the most glamorous parking lot that you have ever seen and you have to take care of them.

In the latest parking games people will stay in line waiting for you to take their car and park it in the specified spot. But remember – you are alone and you have to hurry up. Rich people don’t like waiting around!

When it comes to the controls used you don’t have to worry because if you played before any parking or driving games you will surely be prepared. The keys are the arrows and only them! But when you play the latest parking games online you have to expect anything, and here comes the surprise: you have to do all these things in only 60 seconds. 

Challenging, right? Don’t make me start talking about how challenging and entertaining this game can be… you will want to be able to move quicker when you see that people are lining up and forming a cue. Everything that you have to do is speed up and practice enough to become the best. Now get ready for the latest parking games!