Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Slippery Parking


Many people think they know how to drive and consider themselves masters in this domain. These ice parking games will shatter that impressure! Slippery Parking is a unique game that will bring you another king of parking challenge – park the car in the marked spot on an icy road!

From the beginning you will realize how hard it will be to park the cars in these hard parking games because of the icy ground. When you think about it, in reality it is very hard to control a car when there is nothing to control about it and when it does only what it desires. When you play Slippery Parking you will find yourself in the same situation!

Although the controls to drive the car are the same as when playing other parking games you will find the car to be very hard to control. And the aim if these ice parking games is not to hit other cars. I am very curious to see how you do that… Let’s try a round and if you manage to do it from the first try you will be rewarded with another fun level!