Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Military Camp


TYou can start by becoming a captain and perfect park a tank in the indicated spot, and then work your way up from there. Each level presents a new quest , that proves to be tougher and tougher, testing your abilities to park cars in some of the most difficult conditions. If you want to progress from a first lieutenant all the way up to a corporal and even a sergeant, you need to pay attention to small details in this military camp. Making sure you take good care of the cars, and deliver them to safety without a scratch, is a great accomplishment that will surely be rewarded. Use your arrow keys carefully and gently park the massive military cars to their parking spaces.

Have fun in all free parking games, but practice to perfection if you want to win this challenge. It's not easy and each scratch will count. So if you want to win the army medals, make sure parking games are your specialty and that you've got what it takes to deliver fast and smooth all the cars to the indicated spots. Good luck and make your country proud!