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Towing Mania


Are seeking some good car parking games? If the answer is ‘’yes’’ then you are one of the luckiest gamer on the planet! You just stumbled upon some of the challenging parking lot games… And now we have for you a game that you will become addicted to in seconds! It is called Towing Mania and its name betrays what the game is all about.

As you might have suspected… Towing Mania is from the gang of car parking games where you put all of your driving skills to test in order to tow some of the cars in the street and take them in a given spot.

You will see that at the beginning of the game you will see the instructions on the screen. You can spot your truck and the place where you have to bring the towed cars. And also you will be able to see the place where you have to park your truck in order to pick up the cars.

When playing there kind of car parking games you have the opportunity to play an interactive game and most important challenging as you will have to work against time and try to do the right moves as to save as much time as you can because, this way, you will earn the maximum number of points.

The whole aim of Towing Mania is to take the car safely to its compound without crushing it or your truck. If you have the mishap to crush one of the cars you have to start all over again… But be careful because you only have 3 chances and if you don’t make it you will loose.

As all car parking games are played using the keyboard because it gives you more mobility, when playing Towing Mania you also have to use the arrow keys to move the truck around. When you want to tow the cars, after you are placed where you should be, just hit the ‘’X’’ button. What do you say about this? Isn’t it the most challenging of all car parking games? What are you still doing reading? Hit that ‘’start’’ button and lets see if you can surpass the expectances!