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Carbon Auto Theft


Are you sick and tired of playing free parking games where you are always the good guy? You are the one to save people, the one to make everything right… It is high time for you to try something new… it is time to experience something completely different from the games that you used to play! What do you think about, for the first time in your life, being the bad guy?

Now, only by playing Carbon Auto Theft – one of the best from all the free parking games that you can find! So, if you feel like trying something new and you don’t know what to do just play some rounds of Carbon Auto Theft and for the first time in your life you can be a thief and all of this extremely legal!

When starting the game you will see yourself – your character walking an the street and entering a car…he steals it… the whole point of the game is to get rid of the cops… and the only way to do that is by stealing cars on the street and running. When you feel the police getting closer steal another car to confuse them.

Like all free parking games, Carbon Auto Theft is a game that you will find extremely interactive and unpredictable. You will play only using the keyboard, meaning the arrow keys in order to control the character and car.

You will see while playing that you cannot consider Carbon Auto Theft an easy parking game to play; you will have to use your brain and make a good strategy in order to loose the police and get to the next level. So, are you ready to drive through the city, stealing cars and running while the police is chasing you?

If you want to experience this feelings and if you want to see how you would react being in the skin of a car thief the only way to find out is to play these free parking games and put your imagination to test in the most interactive game ever!