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Parking Lot 3


Do you like driving? If you like to drive your car or if you don’t have a car yet or even a driver license you can start by practicing parking only by playing these parking lot games only now and only on this site! You will have the opportunity to park a virtual car on different types of weather, on a sunny day or on a dark cloudy night…

Parking Lot 3 is a very complex game that simulates some driving instances that you can encounter when driving for real… so you can say it is a game that helps you get used to the fact of parking your car in different weather conditions. As you might have guessed, when playing these parking lot games you are in a continuous race against time… just when you want to park your car in reality… you cannot waste time because you will baffle the other drivers.

Like many other parking lot games, this one is also being played using the keyboard! it is very simple… just press the arrow keys to control the car… that is it! Just be careful not to hit the car you are driving, its power and acuity will decrease and finally you will lose!

When it comes to the aim of the game you will see that all you have to do is park your car in the marked spot and you will automatically pass to the next level – a much harder one than the previous…

Now, only by playing these parking lot games you have the opportunity to drive your own car, even if it is just in the virtual world of the internet, but you can now practice parking… a thing which will help you in your life and will develop all your skills for further free parking games.

Prepare yourself for one of the best parking lot games that you have ever played… you will have so much fun parking your car!