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Mafia Driver


If you like this kind of games, if you are bored by those car driving games, you should try this one. It is much easier than a car driving game, you only have to pay attention on the obstacles on the road, and try not to get your car crashed, otherwise, the game is over.

You have a free parking place, where you are supposed to get with your car, You must use the up arrow key to move forward, the down arrow key to move backwards, and the left and right arrow keys to choose what direction you would like to move. The game is presented like a mission that you have to fulfill. You have a boss that gives you instructions. You must get as many points as possible and you can get them by parking in the indicated places. If you don’t respect the order in which you have to park your car in different places, you won’t get any point, that’s way you have to pay attention at the red X which shows you the right place to park.

This is one of the most entertaining car parking games online that you can play. You don’t need your mouse, only your keyboard to play this game, and you don’t have to be a real driver to park well your car in the game. Like all car parking games online, you can’t try parking until you get bored of it. In this game you don’t have a stopwatch but you have only 6 tries to park your car as better as you can.

For the Mafia Driver game, being part of the car parking games online, you cannot pick the level of difficulty, you can only advance from one level to another, step by step, passing each level thanks to your parking skills. We are talking about a park master game, because this is the kind of game that will make you become a parking master. And if you are able to obtain a good score, write your score on the top scores list and this way you can see how good you are, compared to other players.