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Park Master 2


You must use your keyboard for this park master game. More concrete you will use the up, down, left and right arrow keys. With the up arrow key you go forward, with the down arrow key you slow down or stop your car, and by pressing the left or right arrow key you can choose the rotation direction. Use your driving skills to complete each tough parking mission. Watch out for tight turns and small parking spaces as you maneuver through each crowded lot. Find the correct labeled parking space before the time runs out.

If you want to be a good driver, this is a good practice for you, because you will understand better how to maneuver your car when you want to move backwards. If you pass the first level, the second one will be a little bit harder, and do on until the next level.

The only obstacles that you have to avoid before getting in your parking place, are one man crossing the street and another car who’s driver tries to park too. You must be very attentive and try to avoid the borders, because if you hit them you will get your car wrecked and the game is over. You also have to pay attention on the stopwatch or your petrol tank at this park master game, because once it gets to the point 0, it means that you have no more fuel, so your game is over. You will find there a free space, where you can park your car, but pay attention on the cars next to yours and try not to hit them.

Park Master 2 is a park master game which can help you to improve your parking skills so that you can become an expert and when you will want to play car parking games online, every game will seem much easier to you. If you have obtained a good score don’t forget to subscribe it on the top scores list.