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Parking Lot Master


If you consider to be a good driver and if you have a good memory you should try Parking Lot Master one of the most challenging parking game from 2012. This latest parking game is not your ordinary online game it is one of the best, you are playing the role of a parking guy and you will have to get the cars from the costumers of a hotel and park their cars in the parking lot. Pretty easy right? Well the hard park is that you will have to get the cars back tot the costumer when he leaves.

You will find out that every level is just a little harder, the costumers are a bit more fast so you may not have the time to park the cars on the exact numbers, this is not a problem if you can manage to remember the costumer and the corresponding car so you can return it. This is a lot faster but more challenging. The goal of Parking Lot Master I to make as much money you can in a level, you can achieve this by parking and returning the car to the costumers and not hitting anything, every bump on the car will cost you, so you have to be fast and careful.

Parking Lot Master is the perfect parking game for you, just go for a drive and see for yourself how fun this game really is, you don't have any excuse not to play this free online game, you don't have to be scared of the controls they are easy, just use the arrows to control your character and the car, use the enter key to get in/out of the car.