Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Skilled Parker 2


So how good are your parking skills? Wanna find out? Then join the extra fun along-side skilled Parker 2 and test your ability to maneuver the car around and gently deliver it to the designated parking spot. Be careful as you twist and turn, not to collide with other cars and crash yours. Like very skilled parker, you should be able to deliver the car safely into the parking spot, with no scratch and in record time. use the arrow key to move gently sideways, back-off or gliding the car upfront in perfect shape.

With cool graphics, colorful cars and an almost fun scenario, this parking game will captivate your attention, making you want to deliver the car safely to the finish line. You will totally find yourself hooked to this adventure, perfecting your skills along the way. Be a professional skilled parker and learn the best tricks on how to park a car in any difficult or unreachable parking spots. Good luck!