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Park Your Ride 2 Shanghai


These free online car parking games that you are about to play in a quick-shotle of minutes are quite different from all the games you may have got used to along time. Park Your Ride 2 Shanghai is a game where you will have to park not only your car but more.

You will see when you start the game that you are in an open space, in a park, where you have to, firstly, park a car in the marked spot. After you have parked your car there you have to park another, and so on. Until there are no parking spots… These free online car parking games are fun and challenging because you are not allowed to bump the car at all. So, if you hit another car of a person you have to start again and loose a try.

So, if you want to play free parking games that are this challenging I say you start with this one! All of these games are usually being played using the arrow keys, so, why would this be different?! Now all that you have to do is start following the instructions given and park those cars! Let’s see how long you can resist playing these free online car parking games…