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Wheeler Challenge


If you know something about trucks I am sure that you know that they are very hard autos to drive even if you are only playing an online game. These cool parking games portraying exactly what you need to do when you are entering with your truck in a busy parking lot and have to look for a free space to leave your truck.

While you are learning to drive these big cars you have to use the arrow keys to steer it towards the free parking space which you will see lighten up. These online truck parking games will also give you the chance to get used to braking if there are any obstacles by pressing the space bar. This way you can avoid collisions and park your truck safe.

And if you are very curious about how to park other cars there re a lot of cool parking games which you can play… Here you can find only the best and most challenging games of this genre. All that you have to have is the necessary mood to drive!