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Drivers Ed Direct


More and more people are looking to play free parking games also in reality and on the internet… well… that is why we are here… if you want to play this kind of games online here is the place where you will surely find what you are looking for. This tome we have for you Drivers Ed Direct – a game that you will surely become addicted to in a quick-shotle of minutes.

These free online car parking games are quite hard for a beginner and that is why you don’t need to stop playing if you see you cannot park the car. After some rounds you sill start catching the right moves! For correctly parking the car you have to use the arrow keys as you might have thought it is logical. So, to play free parking games you have to use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ keys to accelerate and reverse and the side ones to move the wheels.

If you are an experienced driver you can easily do the job right is a quick-shotle of seconds because Drivers Ed Direct is based on the real movements of the car while parked. So, if you want to play free parking games that are realistic and offer you a well deserved dose of fun you definitely have to try this one!