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Parking Impossible



On a far away planet in the next century people park they hover crafts on charging stations. Roam around futuristic buildings and foreign plants, avoid hitting alien eggs and gather all the energy clouds in sight to gain enough time to get to the designated charging station. This may be a intergalactic adventure but people are just the same and you can bump into other hovercrafts if you are not careful. So take care and don’t let them block your way. You have to prove you are a real master of parking and can handle the quickly changing parking spot. So be quick and make no mistakes cause time is not on your side. In a few seconds the parking spot changes and you will have to re orientate to another one with fading batteries. This is the game for you if you want to challenge your parking skills and take them that bit further. Amongst the free parking games this has the most captivating story and you will immerse yourself in the foreign world of sci-fi parking. Play Parking impossible if you think you have what it takes to park in a foreign place with lots of obstacles, distractions and unusual occurrences.