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Pickup Truck Parking


Carefully use your arrow keys to glide the big heavy car into the indicated spot, making sure you don't crash the pick-up truck before delivering it where's needed. Follow the marks on the road for extra guidance and make sure you don't crash your big pick-up truck into anything else on your way to succes.

Each level is different in its own way, and the difficulties will soon be a lot to handle. So you need to stay focused while on these tricky roads and don't let yourself be carried away by the scenery or the fancy car you need to deliver safe home. Big heavy cars like the ones you encounter in pick-up truck parking games online are the best kind you can play around with, giving you the opportunity to prove your talents behind the wheels. Win all the levels to complete the game and proclaim yourself the champion of big heavy cars parking games.

So jump on-board the extra fun pick-up truck parking challenge and let's see how you drive around like a boss.