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Parking Challenge


A true driver is always searching for new challenges, well we have one for you, Parking Challenge. This car game is intend to simulate the real word, you won't find other online parking games better than this one. The main objective just like the title says is parking, you have to drive the car tot the market parking space avoiding obstacles. In order to find the parking space you should fallow the arrows on the road, once you have reached the free parking space you should be very careful not to park your car the other way around you should take in account the text on the parking space and turn the car around if this is the case.

Playing Parking Challenge is easy, you only need to control the car using the arrow keys. The hardest thing is to avoid the other cars that are parked or the moving ones, you should drive fast the best approach is to be careful, the time is not a factor in this parking game.

Parking can be hard but with a little practice you can master this hard maneuvers and become one of the bes drivers out there. The best way to practice is by playing online parking games and Parking Challenge is one of the best choice this is the first thing you should play in order to understand the hardest parking tricks and have some fun in the same time.