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Boat Parking 3D


There are a lot of parking games online to choose from, if you choose this 3D game you have made the best decision not only because of the graphics but also because of the game play and sound.

Boat Parking 3D is a parking game but not with cars, you will have to get your boat tot he port and place it in the right dock without crushing in. You must be careful a the other boats and try to avoid them, hitting to many will make you restart the level. The first thing you will notice about this game is the graphics that is 3D and it makes your job easier, you find your way around much more easy and you also have an arrow that points you in the right direction.

Maneuvering a bout is a little harder than a car, maybe because you are used to playing car game, but the controls are still the same in every boat parking games, you will have to use the up arrow/down arrows to accelerate and to brake and the left/right arrows to steer the boat. There is nothing new here, everyone that played a parking game will have an easy time playing Boat Parking 3D.