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Easy Cruise 1


What about showing to you some interesting and easy parking games? You will be so happy that you found this site and along with the entire car parking games and boat games you will find some that you will enjoy at the maximum. Now we have a fun and colorful game for all of you who enjoy some adventure on the sea!

Are you ready for a journey on the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea? By playing Easy Cruise 1 you will embark on a trip on the extremely blue and calm waters… where you will dock in different ports and you will see a lot of interesting sites! So, what do you thing about playing these easy parking games and, together, try and park your cruising ship in the most beautiful ports of the world!

At first you will be surprised by the beautiful colors of this game and you will be surprised that such an easy game can have such a good graphic… and also a calming soundtrack that will sooth your heart and make you wanna embark a ship and go on a cruise!

Although at the beginning you will find this game quite different from all the easy parking games that you know; after playing some rounds you will realize that it is quite easy to drive that big ship around. Each level you will see at the beginning the place where you need to park your ship… you will also see that each level is different from the others…it is harder and the dock is much more crowded.

But don’t get scared… you can easily control the ship using the arrow keys and you will learn in seconds the way your ship needs to be steered. The only thing that you need to think about is not to hit your ship so many times because if you hit it 5 times you will have to start all over again… so… you loose! 

But the thing that matters when playing easy parking games is to have a great time, relax and make your free time pass in a more pleasant and fun way possible!