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Ready? Steady? GOOOOO!!!! The boat speeds up… you feel the adrenalin invading your body… hands are shaking, sweat is running… you feel the boat gaining super speed… you passed one opponent, there are still four left, you accelerate… another one left behind… you feel like part of the boat, you are one! And another left behind… and… another… you can see the finish line… … yes! You are there! The winner! How did you feel? How would you like to experience all these things? Play this cool boat game! We have the perfect one for you! It’s Microboats and you won’t be disappointed! Microboats is one of the most challenging boat games that you have ever played!

Microboats is a racing boat game with a very good graphic – cartoon-like surroundings that will impress you through their bright colors. The manner of playing Microboats is very free. You can choose the challenge you desire to take part in, you can choose the player and the boat. You can even play against ghosts to win new boats and upgrade the player. It is a speed boat game that can be played against more fictional contestants – against the computer – but also you can choose to play against another real player… with your friend just to see who is the faster.

Actually, playing Microboats boat game you compete in a high speed race against other contestants on different tracks. You can control very easy the boat in order to make everything right. You just have to use the keyboard arrows to drive the boat and space bar to change the angle of the camera. The aim that you will have to achieve is simple and very predictable… you have to be among the fist to ass the finish line. Just be careful for the rocks and sharks, they can slow you down a lot.

All you boat games fans out there! Have you heard this? You now have the unique opportunity to become the master of the waters by playing Microboats boat game! don’t you waste anymore time and call your friends and lets’ all play!