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Avatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage


It is very hard to find a good game online when, nowadays, the whole internet is invaded by all sorts of games… Some may be good and some are completely stupid! But the game you will play in neither of the categories – it is an extraordinary game! This Avatar boat game about war and strategy and, most important, about your will to conquer new territory! 

You will play on a larger scale than you were used to… well… if you were used to play simple Navy boat games where all that you had to do is sit in your boat and fish, or participate in a rowing challenge than you have to get prepared to start exploring the world as you will have at your disposal the whole map of the world and you can choose the place you desire and then fight for conquering it!

The rules of this game are a little bit different that others because this Avatar boat game much more complex. You will be put face to face with the opportunity to conquer new territory and expand your reign.

First, in order to understand this Avatar boat game, you have to look on the map and see which town or village is easier to conquer with your present fleet. After you have conquered it you will slowly expand and your army will grow in numbers. Your warriors will become stronger and more skilled giving your fleet a plus.

In order to move around and explore you can use the arrow keys – the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ to accelerate and slow down and the side ones to steer left or right – according to where you wish to go. When you found the village to conquer next just press ‘’ENTER’’ and the battle will start immediately!


This Avatar boat game really sounds complicated at first time, but once you start playing you will see that you will very easily get used to it and start building up a new and interesting empire! Why do you still loose time reading and you haven’t started playing yet? Get to work and you will soon be the owner of the whole world!