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Treasure Seas


Hey! Heeeey! Who doesn’t like to play boat games free!? If you are a fan of sailing and adventure Treasure Seas is a game that will make you feel the luckiest person alive to find this interesting and very funny game. Treasure Seas is for everybody out there who wants to spend some time playing a very nice game where you do not have the problem of time passing. Treasure Seas the type of game where you can think, take your time and just relax… so, try this boat game for free right now and let yourself be convinced!\

The rules of Treasure Seas are very simple. The map where you sail is in the shape of a triangle. At first, you only know one route, the other two you have to work to discover. You have to gather treasures from the bottom of the sea in order to earn money and update your ship. Just lance the submarine underwater to collect the treasures. Be careful for sharks, they are dangerous and can destroy your submarine.

This boat game for kids is very fun and relaxing to play. You need to be very attentive to the dolphins that swim around you; they can sometimes give you hints on the location of the treasures. If you want to move the ship just use the arrow from the keyboard, the space bar to launch submarine and the ‘’A’’ key to collect the treasure. It is not so hard! The final aim of this boat game for free is to gather as many treasures as you can and in the end discover the whole triangle. Treasure Seas is a suitable game for relaxing and spending time playing just for the fun of it. it can be played by people of all ages and sport preferences; it can be played in a break only to relax your mind and set you in a good mood.

The graphic of Treasure Seas is very good and relaxing and the whole time you play you are accompanied by a soothing and calming soundtrack. Treasure Seas is just such a nice game to play, how can you not like laying his boat game free? It is everything that you could ask from a boat game for free these stressful days.