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Navy Game


Since you are looking to play Navy boat games I will show you a game that you will surely like. Even if this funny boat game is catalogued as one of the best games in this domain you will not be playing using a boat, like you do when you play other games. Navy Game is a game where you have to save people, to fight enemy submarines and explore from the sky – as you will fly a helicopter! 

What? Fly a helicopter in Navy boat games… how can this be possible?! Well… it is very simple… you will have to rescue the people who are in the water after their ship was destroyed by the enemy submarines. In order to do this you have to use your keyboard! So, prepare yourself to play a game that is a little bit more complex than other games Navy boat games you used to play!

Navy Game is also a game that has a target – you cannot pass to the next level unless you have rescued all the men from the water. You can do this by using the space bar when you are above the people. In order to move around and explore you can press the arrow keys according to the direction you desire to follow. 

When playing Navy boat games like this one you also have to get rid of the enemy ships by shooting at them and destroying all. By also pressing the space bar when you are in its proximity you can attack! You also have to keep in mind the fact that you need to destroy other helicopters also to mark the mission as complete!

What do you say about this game? It’s quite different from what you are used to, it is a little bit complicated and when you play Navy boat games you have to keep your eyes open for every danger that can come in your way… But although it is a little bit complicated you will have a lot of time playing it as it is not boring at all. Just press the ‘’play’’ button and let the adventure begin!