Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Speed Boat Runaways


OK, so you might be a speed-addict and a true car/bike racing freak on solid ground, but do you think you can keep the same reputation while on water, too? There's only way way to find out: getting the speed boat runways game started and winning the title of the best racer on sea, too!

Since you're about to write history while behind the wheel of your speedy boat, how about writing your name there, in the name tab inserted for you in the title screen? Great! Now make sure that once the counting stops you put all the efforts to make your name, real or virtual, known by all the other competitors. For slicing the water with the speed of light, but make sure, while enjoying the speed boat runways, the you keep control of your boat and you avoid hitting against the demarcation line there. Be ready to face some really challenging curves that will test your driving skills, not only your racing ones!

What should it be then? Are you willing to hit the water, taking the challenge we've put together for you in the speed boat runways, and prove your skills as a boat racer or you'd rather limit yourself to being just the best racer on solid ground?