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Sub Commander


Have you ever heard about hard free online submarine games? Well… they are rare, but they do exist! Sub Commander is one of them. You will be very impressed by this game because it will give you something to think about. If you haven’t played before any racing boat games online I don’t recommend you start with this one.

This time, when playing free online submarine games like Sub Commander you have to use your keyboard – the arrow keys – and also your mouse. This can be very confusing at first until you get used to what is going on. You will have to control a submarine underwater, you will have to overcome all kind of obstacles and gather the helping icons without which you won’t last long underwater.

Also you have to watch out for bombs as they can destroy your shield and you’ll soon loose! These free online submarine games are extremely fun if learn the correct arrow keys moves to maintain the sub on a steady position. Let that be a challenge for you!