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Pirates Of The Caribbean Rogues Battleship 2


Pirates Of The Caribbean is one of the greatest movies that have ever been made and that is why you definitely have to play this game. These online boat racing games are exactly what you need to provide you needed dose of fun per day as they are as interesting as the movie is. 

Also, these online boat racing games have, of course, an interesting story in the background. Because they are based on the movie, they will surely have the same characters with which you will embark on a quest of discovery. The journey that you will participate in is one like you have never seen. The Black Pearl is waiting eagerly to have another member on its deck…

If you are curious about how these online boat racing games you will soon be illuminated… I will tell you the rules and controls used to enjoy this interesting game! so, to start with the beginning, you have to know that in order to become the best and get selected to be part of the crew you have to aim and hit as many ships as you can.

So, to do that, when you are playing the newest boat games, you have to remember that if you want to move right or left you can use the side arrows. When you want to shoot just press the round icon placed on the bottom of the screen and keep it pressed for setting your aim and power. When you do this you will see the target placing itself on the water. The further the aim, the farther and more powerful your shot will be. When you are ready just release the button and your cannonball will fly towards the enemy ships!

What is so interesting about these online boat racing games is the fact that you will play an interactive game that will also challenge you… don’t you waste anymore time and start your quest in the creepy world where the Black Pearl rule the dark waters!