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Penguin Panic


Here is a game that I am sure everyone will enjoy! It is Penguin Panic – one of the newest boat games that you can find online! This game is one that is destined to be played by children and adults, by men and women. The only condition being the desire to play a game that will bring you joy and, most important – FUN!

This funny boat game is very simple… you will play on levels and the aim of the whole thing is to catch more than 30 penguins in order to pass to the next level. You will have a time limit in which you have to do your best in saving the poor penguins.

These newest boat games also have a particular trait – they have a story behind… For example in Penguin Panic it’s about some penguins that have got lost from the rest of their family and the block of ice they are on started drifting. They got scared and started jumping from the ice… You have to catch them in their fall and stop as many as you can from hurting themselves when hitting the water from such a great height. 

Since these games are non-violent, they can easily be played also by small children. They are also very easy to be played – using the mouse you have to move the boat in order to catch the penguins. The more you catch the better it is for your future skills. After the time runs out, and if you already caught more than 30 penguins you will pass to the next level where the penguins will start falling with an increased speed.

This is how the newest boat games on the market challenge its players… what you have to do right now is prepare yourself psychically and keep in mind the fact that you will save some penguins, but you won’t be able to save them all… so don’t you be disappointed about this! The point is to advance from level to level and get to the end; and then you will be considered the best!