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Veggietales Jump Ship


Can you imagine yourself finding the game you were looking for since you were a small child?! I don’t think you can imagine the satisfaction you get when you think you would like to play a funny boat game and in the next moments to find exactly what you desire… Well… if this is your wish… we give you Veggitales Jump Ship – a game that will make you laugh and at the same time grow on you so deep that you will become addicted without even knowing it.

How can a simple game like this offer its players such a great time playing?! It is very simple… when you are playing a funny boat game like this one you can also enjoy a very good graphic and a funny soundtrack… nothing is more entertaining than playing a game that challenges you and only you – because this game is not being played against anyone!

When it comes to a motorcycle-racingrboat game, the game that you are about to play is not like any other games you played… the rules are extremely simple and the manner of playing is also suited for children also because you only have to press the space bar and release it to make the characters jump.

What you actually have to do when playing this funny boat game is to help the three characters of this animated game to jump from the big ship to the small boat without sending them into the water. This is very simple at the beginning because the small boat won’t move that quick, but get ready to experience some speed in the future! 

So, in order to make the characters jump just press the space bar and be with your eyes on the power and distance bar placed at the bottom of the screen. The more you keep the space bar pressed the further the veggie will jump! Safely land the three vegetables in the boat and you will automatically pass to the next level. This funny boat game is everything that you need when you are feeling bored! Enjoy and have a good time!