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Rampaging Creek


There is nothing more enjoyable than playing a game that simply mingles fun with challenge… just imagine yourself being on a wild river, only you and your improvised boat! The motorcycle-racingrboat game called Rampaging Creek will surely make you transcend in a world where everything is possible and where you have to row down the river as fast as you can and avoid all the obstacles that come in your way in order to win.

Since you were looking for a fun motorcycle-racingrboat game that can be at the same time very challenging it means that this is your lucky day as you just had the chance to try one of our games.

The rules of these boat rowing games are quite the same like at any other games of this type but with a very big difference! Here you can even make your boat jump! Where have you heard something like this? This is not possible in reality and sometimes only a handful of people thing about adding this unique trait to a rowing game. But this simple feature can make Rampaging Creek a very popular game! 

So, the rules go like this: you are on a boat and you have to row it, with the power of your two hands – and the help of the arrow keys from your keyboard – and at the same time avoid the obstacles that come in your way using the side arrows and the space bar to jump! The funniest thing about this motorcycle-racingrboat game is the fact that you can control the fate of the character… So, be careful what you do because if you finish in due time you will receive a time bonus!

People may think that this is a game for children, but if you remember the old saying you will remember that in each one of us there is a child that waits to be awakened and when it is he will surely enjoy these interesting online boat racing games! Put those hands on the keyboard, take a big and healthy breath of air and start this motorcycle-racingrboat game! Rampaging Creek is waiting for you to start playing!