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Boat Rush 3d


Many people don’t believe in free online 3D boat games as they consider 3D games to be very rare and those who are on the market to be with a quite low quality. But being a 3D game doesn’t necessary mean to see the scenario as you are looking at a 3D movie with the glasses and everything…

Free online 3D boat games are actually games that are realistic and their graphic is good enough to make you feel the atmosphere the whole time you are playing and enter it completely. You will feel as being a part of the story, a part of the action and you can even identify yourself with some of the characters and certain situations… 

Boat Rush 3d is actually one of the most interactive and challenging free online 3D boat games and it will also provide you with a nice background while you participate in the challenge of your life! So, for starters, the first thing that you need to do is choose your dream land and enter the competition. This gives you the chance to win the race and with this win some money. The aim of the game is to gather as much money as you need to settle yourself on your dream island or land.

In order to sail your ship on its way towards victory you need to know that you have to use your mouse. These online boat racing games give you the chance to keep your mouse cursor in front of the ship and it will follow the route you are giving. The whole thing is to control the speed of the boat – the further the cursor is from the ship the more speed it will have! When you want to slow down the only thing you need to do is hold down the left mouse button and the ship will follow your instructions.

As a plus, when steering your ship you also have to overcome the obstacles that come in your way. The logs and drifting materials that are in the water will slow you down and also, slowly, destroy your boat. So be careful! These free online 3D boat games will actually make you be part of the action! Enjoy!