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Row Your Boat


It is very fun to play an interactive game that makes you wish you were faster and which makes you try and try to become better. These boat rowing games are very special because they are not like any other games you played before… if you start playing Row Your Boar you have to know that, in the first place, this is a competition!

The game is very simple, the rules are simple and the way you play it is even easier than you’ve expected… This simple Avatar boat game is exactly what you needed if you were looking for a game that will challenge you to your limits. What you have to do is very simple and it goes like this: you will compete against another boat and you have to finish the race on the first place!

When you play these boat rowing games you have to use your mouse to give power to your rowers. In order to do that you have to click on the round buttons that are below each player. You will be three people in a boat and each of them has a tiredness bar in the lower part. When you see that the bar is getting red hurry up and click as fast as you can on the button. This way you will inspire power to the rowers and speed up!

The more you advance in the race the quicker your rowers will get tired up… but if you are quick enough you can lead your team on their way to victory! Just be with your eyes open and your hand ready to click! There is nothing that can stay in your way once you caught the move and started rowing.

These boat rowing games are just like you want them to be, they will open up your desire for adventure and competition while they also provide you with the best time you had in a ling time! Don’t waste any time and start playing!