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Black Sails


Let me introduce you to the most complex strategy speed boat games! It is called Black Sails and it is a war game between others… you have never seen suck a complicated and challenging speed boat game before! Black Sails has everything that you need… it has history, a storyline, action, war and not last… it has fun! If you want to experience a short part of the world’s history come and play Black Sails to see how the war between England, France and Spain turns out in your perspective.

Like every speed boat war game you firstly have to choose your alliance. You can be part of the English, French or Spanish army. And with your ship you have to wonder the waters in order to enlarge your crew, accept or deny battle challenges and upgrade your ship. The final aim of Black Sails is to capture all the towers in order to win! You can also play this online boat game in battle mode – defending yourself or attacking new territory. Just be careful not to be in a hurry to attack without being prepared; you will surely loose the battle. Wait and enlarge your crew and buy the weapons you need in order to succeed. You can do this by entering the towns looking for the building that you need. If you are looking to hire new crew just hire from the Tavern! Go to the Shipyard to upgrade or buy a new ship… to the Trade Center to take ammo or if you feel that the alliance which you chose doesn’t match your expectations just enter the Castle to switch to the other side!

Isn’t this the most complex speed boat game that you have ever played online? I believe that it is! You can even carry your battles ship to ship or you can abandon the mother ship to battle face to face. There aren’t many things that you can’t do when playing Black Sails… just put your imagination to work and lets’ see how the war ends after all!