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Hook Line And Sinker


What can be more fun than playing a game that both challenges and relaxes you?! If you thought about this and you had in mind the fact that this combination is not possible and a game like Hook Line And Sink cannot exist…well… you were wrong! If you want to enjoy some moments in a cool atmosphere you can try some fishing boat games and see if you enjoy them…

If you were used to playing fishing boat games where all that you had to do was fish and fish some more; where the quartette mattered and not the quality. The game that you are about to play in some moments is quite different because you have a specific goal and you cannot pass from level to level if you don’t focus your attention on a specific type of fish. If, when you play this funny boat game, catch more than of the same fish in a row you will receive a combo reward.

These fishing boat games also give you the opportunity to improve your fishing gear and lengthen your fishing rod or buy certain of bait. Also, these free online 3D boat games are very easy to play… they can easily relax you and set you in the mood you need. The quicker you catch the fish the higher your final score will be because you will receive a time bonus if you are good enough! 

When you play fishing boat games like Hook Line And Sink you can relax in your chair because you only have to use the hand you are keeping on the mouse. So, move the mouse around in order to float on the surface of the water and when you see the fish just click and keep your finger there releasing only when you are in the proximity of the pray.

What do you say? Are you ready to start with the little fish and advance towards catching bigger and bigger ones? Maybe you will get the chance to put your hand on a very valuable shark! But be careful, they are dangerous! Play fishing boat games as Hook Line And Sink and see how challenging a game like this can become!