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U Boat


U Boat is a game like you have never expected to find while you were looking to play submarine games because it is a game that combines a lot of playing styles. If you are a fan of nice games where you are given a target and you have to search for something to reach that target…well… this is the game for you.

If you are looking for some cool boat driving games that are colorful and easy to play… well… again… U Boat is the one for you! In playing this wonderful game you have to use the arrow keys to control the direction of the small sub and the apace bar to throw the hook.

Each level you will have a target… look on top of the window and you will see. Using your hook try to find the number of treasures that it was asked from you before the time runs out. Also don’t you forget to get to the surface for air from time to time. To play submarine games is not hard… hard it is to reach the target! Now get working!