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Cursed Winds


If you are looking to play some pirate boat games online here is the place to do that. And not just any kind of free boat games, but the ones that bring the smile on your lips and the sweat on your forehead. If the idea of making a collection of pirate games for people of all ages is in your mind, you should start with this one! The game named Cursed Winds will surely give you a well deserved dose of challenge. 

At your first look this game might seam a little grim, with all its dark colors and creepy soundtrack, but don’t you let yourself be disappointed by your first impressure… it is like this because the designers that created it thought of a game that will suite people of all ages no matter the social status and sex and that will set you in the atmosphere of the game. 

When you say ‘’pirates’’ the first thing that comes into your mind is cruel harted men that will do everything in their power to reach their goals. But you will see that these pirate boat games online are fun and challenging. You will battle, you will defend and you will conquer… what else can you ask from a pirate game played online?

When you play pirate boat games online like this one you will see yourself in the immensity of the blue sea – your territory which you will need to defend from other pirate ships. You will have to conquer new waters and destroy fleets. At first, before starting the game, choose the level of difficulty – captain (easy), commodore (medium) or admiral (hard) and then start the actual game.

Cursed Winds is easy to play because you need to use only some controls, meaning the arrow keys to get around and the space bar of ‘’F’’ key to shoot at enemy ships. You will see that even if at first you didn’t think muck about this game you will enjoy it at the full! And also, in no time, you will become addicted to these pirate boat games online…