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Rescue Boat Operator


If you are looking for some very nice free boat games you should try Rescue Boat Operator because it is a game that not only is fun, but it will surely make you feel good about yourself after playing some rounds. It is colorful, fun and the characters that you will have to handle are nice and cartoon-like.

What you will need to do when playing these free boat games is extremely educational, so you can say that Rescue Boat Operator is a very good game for small kids to learn the value of other creatures’ life. What you will need to do in the quality of the player of this game is to rescue all the animals that are on the big ship in a limited time.

You will have at your disposal a small boat and according to the type of the animal, its weight and size you have to calculate their place in the boat and the number of animals that you can carry. If there are too many animals and the boat is too heavy or you just couldn’t arrange them properly, the boat will sink and the animals you should have saved will drown…

When you play sailing games online you should keep in mind the fact that almost all of them are being played using the mouse… well… not this one… Rescue Boat Operator is played using the mouse. All that you have to do is pick the animal from the big boat and place it wherever you want in the rescue one. Then, you need to be as fast as you can and go on the shore where you have to drop the animals safe and sound. Pick them using the mouse and place them on shore! 

These free boat games are very interactive and challenging, but they are also fun… the animals which you saved will be circled in the window on top of the screen; and each time you will have to go back for some more. After you placed safely all the creatures on the shore you will be declared the winner! And also a hero!

These free boat games will immediately grow on you and you will fall in love with them… what could be more fulfilling than saving other souls in distress?!