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Intensub 2


Are you ready for another easy and fun boat game online? This time we have for you Intensub 2 a very cool game where you control a small and fast submarine in it’s’ goal to destroy the bigger ships. By playing Intensub 2 boat game online you will see that size doesn’t matter and it is not so hard to score high and even if you are so tiny and almost insignificant comparing to the enemies you can easily manage to defeat them.

Really, Intensub 2 is at the same time a very relaxing and fun game to play and also it is very challenging and keeps you attentive. This little boat game online manages to combine those two traits in such a manner that the game doesn’t seam hard at all, it is very relaxing and fun, but at the same time manages to keep you stuck in your seat!

Intensub 2 is the kind of online boat game that you play when you need to relax after doing something very stressful and you don’t need to clear your mind completely or detach yourself from the work you’ve been doing. Intensub 2 is a boat game that you can play very easy. You just need to use the movements of the mouse to control the small sub and the left click to launch the torpedoes. Just be careful and try to watch out for the bombs; they can damage your small submarine. The aim of this boat game online is to finish the levels. You can do this by blowing up as many big ships as you can and gather as many points as you can.

A very interesting fact when playing Intensub 2 online boat game is that you can catch all kinds of powers floating in the water. If you catch the rocket icon you will have faster and more powerful rockets for a period of time or you can catch the shield which will make you immune to the enemies’ bombs giving you the opportunity to defeat.