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Rockport Buoy Ahoy


Rockport Buoy Ahoy is the game that you have been looking for all your life! From all the sailing games online that you used to play this one will bring you the amount of adrenaline and adventure that you need! You will have some good times sailing on the windy waters of the ocean just like in movies!

If you are fans of sailing games online, while you play Rockport Buoy Ahoy you will be sent on a journey on swirling seas to look for buoys. As soon as you start playing it you will see that these sailing games online are very challenging and unexpected. The perfect kind of games that will give you the thrill that you need!

How do you play it? Well… easy…. You just have to be careful at the speed of the wind and its direction as to take advantage of it! You just have to move the ship using the ‘’right’’ and ‘’left’’ arrow keys and the sea and wind will do the rest! Be careful not to bump on the socks… your ship will sink and you will automatically loose! Use the wind in your advantage to sail among the pointy rocks in search of buoys. 

Gather all the buoys to score points and after you have gathered all of them you will automatically move to the next level! As you may think… when you play online sailing games on levels you need to keep in mind the fact that as you advance the levels get harder and harder. So, be extra careful at your every move… the wind speed and direction might change suddenly and send you towards the sharp rocks. 

Just relax, sit back in your chair and imagine yourself sailing on whatever water you dream of… enjoy the game and what it has to offer… make the best of the time you spend taking this adventure to the end… You will have nothing to worry about while playing one of the best sailing games online!