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3d Sailing


Who doesn’t like summer and water? And the best way to spend some ugly days is to start and play a quick-shotle of online sailing games! Here you can find some of the most entertaining sports games. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of parking lot games or skating games you will surely find something to suite your personality!

For example, if you like to spend your time playing some nice and simple, but at the same time very challenging online sailing games I believe you have to try 3d Sailing to experience one of the greatest feelings of all – being free on an open sea… You will see yourself sailing a small boat and everywhere you looked there is only water and more water.

Alongside with the view and the sense of freedom that 3d Sailing offers you, you will also have to set some scores in order to pass from level to level. If you look closer you will see on the sea groups of two buoys; your objective is to pass between those two and you will receive points. Each level you need to pass through a certain number of buoys to automatically pass to the next level and so on…

As you might have thought, online sailing games are best being played using the keyboard as it gives you a certain kind of confidence in your moves. You need this because you need not to crash on the sides of the screen! For moving the boat around you only need to use the ‘’right’’ and ‘’left’’ arrow keys… tap them or keep them pressed, depending on the distance and speed that you need!

Although 3d Sailing seams a very easy game to play, you don’t have to be fooled by its appearance, and don’t take into account your first impressure… it will surely change after some rounds! How about starting to play and make your own impressure about online sailing games and especially about this freeing game!