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Black Sails 2012


Black Sails 2012 is another sailing game that will transport you into another world, a world of mystery and unknown even from the first seconds you press the start button! These sailing games 2012 are created in such a way as to offer you a new, interesting and challenging experience!

This is your opportunity to take up any personality of any well-known sailor throughout history or you can just be yourself. Black Sails 2012 in one of the free sailing games that even someone who has never been attracted to this activity would like. You will enter a world very different from the one you are living in and there you will have the chance to conquer, fight and sail across the unknown seas.

Use your arrow keys to navigate and control your ships while on water and the Z and X buttons to fight against other floating vehicles and do your best to conquer everything that comes in your path! So, now that you know what these sailing games 2012 are about you are ready to start!