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Captain Chaos


Captain Chaos is one of those free sailing games that will have your attention and fun alert up to a maximum. Just try the game and soon you will understand the jolly character of Captain Chaos and the racing game he has prepared for you.

So jump in a boat and let's start the mega fun. Among all free online sailing games you can find over the internet, this one is definitely one of the most challenging ones. The play, first get in your boat. Then, use the left and right arrows to move around and most importantly race against the red boat on a water rallye. Plot your course using the radar and make sure you have a clear perspective over the water road ahead of you. If you are used to the free online sailing games, you will of course know that the water may sometimes be tricky and you could be in danger of the unknown. So avoid the wild life or else you risk being sunk.

Have your damage level under control as well, and make sure you are ahead all the time. Among al free online sailing games, this one is totally super fun with great graphics, right?