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Tall Ships Sailing Challange


The tall ships sailing challenge is a special game with high-quality graphics and well thought out strategic rules, to make your gaming atmosphere that much more interesting and to keep your interest up to a maximum. From all of those free sailing game, this one really must be a cool one, since it takes you sailing all over the mapamond.

Start your sailing race from London and go all the way to Helifax and collect as many national flags as you can. Guide your tall ship through the dangers of the Atlantic Ocean and arrive safety in each port. Prove your driving skills on water and be the ultimate winner of all free sailing games.

Other free online sailing games will take you on water challenges but not over the globe, in search for the world's best champion cup! So enjoy this fun and pretty tough challenge among free sailing games, and hang those flags high up in victory! The tall ships sailing challenge is definitely a game for those professional players that want to race among the best. So jump in the competition and claim your spot among the sailing pros!