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Pack The House Parking Packers


I am sure that you had already enough of playing the same online truck parking games oven and over again. Games where all that you have to do is park the car in the marked place and you can pass to the next level… It’s time for a challenge! Now I will present to you a game where you have to follow some instructions in order to win.

Well… when you play free cabbie parking games like Pack The House Parking Packers, at first you have to serve all the clients that will come in your parking lot. You have to drag the character with the mouse and then park the car in the same color parking spot. Don’t you forget to leave the key in the hanger and only then you can take the following car.

After you have parked all the cars the clients will come back for them. You have to take the right key from the hanger and bring the cars back to them. Be careful not to scratch them! All of these things you can do by dragging with your mouse the cars to make them move. These online truck parking games are very fun especially because they have a story in the back! Enjoy!