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Park My Tank


If you like online parking games, then Park My Tank is a game that you will enjoy playing even if you'll play it more that once or twice.

The purpose of Park My Tank is very similar to any other online parking games: you have to carefully drive the tank among other vehicles, buildings or different types of objects, until you reach the marked spot, and park the big war vehicle exactly between the parking lines. The first levels are pretty easy to pass, so you shouldn't have any trouble there. But as you progress, you'll see for yourself that online parking games can get difficult and lots of patience and attention are necessary in order to finish the game.

A feature that can be annoying in online parking games is that it's enough to barely touch another vehicle or wall from the scenery, and you have to start the level all over again. You might think that unlike other online parking games, this one is about a tank that won't just explode if it touches a wall. Well you're wrong. Better watch for that tank cannon, because it will be tricky to take a tight right or left without touching something that's barely in your way.

Online parking games require a certain amount of patience and skill to reach the end of the game, and so is the case of Park My Tank. The game play offers progressive difficulty, so that anyone with a computer can play at least three levels. The

The sounds and music, the graphics and the visual effects give you a glimpse to what it's like to be in the army. If you don't like the sounds, online parking games almost always have a sound button from where you just stop the music and play the game silently.

In conclusion, online parking games are fun to play, and so is Park My Tank. There are cars, planes, tanks and cool sounds to complete the set. As great as this game is, you should also have fun playing our other free parking games online.