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Park My Convertible


There are a lot of games which are popular and many people play them. When you want to have a good time all that you have to do is play car parking games especially if you are a fan of these games. You can really have a blast playing these games and even if you are already an experienced driver you can really learn something from these interesting driving parking games

If you want to be the best at Park My Convertible you need to know the rules of this game. These rules are very simple, and like at any parking game you need to use your keyboard. And to be more specific – the arrow keys. When you play car parking games like this one and you want to move the cars all that you have to do is press the ‘’up’’ arrow to accelerate and the side ones to steer your car left or right. When you want to brake – and you will – use the ‘’ctrl’’ key and everything will be all right! 

As many interesting and good internet game this one has a story. The story goes like this: you are a new employee at a hotel; you are working as a valet and as a first day of work you are very stressed. When you play car parking games you have to keep in mind the fact that, like in real like, you don’t have to hit the rest of the cars that are parked in the parking lot.

Also, as you may know, the hotel you are working for is a very luxurious one and many rich people with expensive cars will come for you to park their car. Be careful to not let them wait or damage their cars in the process of parking. Everything is timed, you will have a time limit to do all these and you’d better hurry up!

When you play car parking games you will be surprised to see that these new games are very animated and the characters look like cartoons. This thing makes the game much more attractive to the players! You will surely enjoy Park My Convertible very much because of this!