Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Skill Parking


The game I have prepared for you is quite a hard one, it is called Skill Parking and you will have to park a truck. When you hear ‘’driving parking games’’ I am sure that your mind leads you to driving a nice car and playing a game where you have to park it somewhere – in most of the cases in a marked spot – and if you do it right you will get points or the chance to pass to the next level. 

Well… Skill Parking is completely different from these driving parking games. You, for the first time in your life, will be the driver of a truck and you also have to do several things in order to win and pass to the next level. So… you actually have to have some skill in order to perform al of these.

But there is no problem if you don’t know and the moves of the latest parking games are a bit of a mystery for you… You can always start and learn the rules and practice until you master all of the moves. Like any other driving parking games, when playing Skill Parking, you need to use the arrow keys to park the truck. You just follow the arrows and you’ll get to the spot where you have to place your huge car!

But be careful how you park it and during the whole process because you have to park it exactly in the middle of the parking markings and don’t hit anything in the meantime… If you damage the truck too muck you will loose! And another important thing that you need to know when parking trucks… you have to keep in mind the fact that the car is way bigger and it needs to me maneuvered differently. 

And another thing that you have to keep in mind is the fact that when playing these driving parking games to park the truck is not enough; the game isn’t over yet. You still have to load the truck using the ‘’CTRL’’ and ‘’shift’’ buttons to place the boxes from where they are onto the truck. Skill Parking is actually a very complex game and you will feel very proud when you’ll win it!