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Ballet Parking


You are bored, indoors, in a mood that feels like rain… you are surfing the internet for some fun parking games but you don’t any idea about the game that I want to show you now… this game is definitely like no other that you played or seen! You will do stuff that are not normally dome during driving parking games.

I don’t want to keep it a secret, so I will share the uniqueness of these fun parking games with you because I think that you deserve to know and also share with your friends. This is the only game where you don’t actually have to park a car, but using another car you have to bump into the colored one and send it on the same color marked parking spot!

Isn’t it wonderful and interesting? I bet that you have never played fun parking games where you have to crash into other cars. Well… now you can see how great the variety of the internet can be and how unlimited the imagination of the designers! Nothing is more satisfying than finding a game which is outside of the box in terms of the theme or manner of playing.

When it comes to the controls used I don’t think I have to waste that much time because it is very predictable and you will know them even if this is your first time when you play car parking games. Use the arrow keys to control the car and drive around! In order to correctly park the car you need to know that you will drive the car with which you will bump into the other! Don’t you try to park it because it will not count and you will loose time and it is very precious! 

Since you now found the fun parking games you were looking for you now have to enjoy playing them. Sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy the bumpy ride! Invite your friends over and start a contest – who can park the car in the fewest moves, who can park it straighter or quicker! Enjoy the ride!