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Emergency Van Parking


Are you a avid car games player? Do you love parking games? Than you must try Emergency Van Parking games. Drive an ambulance van around town to get to the citizen in need, on time. The paramedics are waiting for you with the patient on a stretcher, but you have to get there first, without damaging your van to much and without having any serious traffic accident. This game will require your utmost attention and your sharpest skill because driving a van is not easy, especially when you are in a hurry and other drivers are also in a hurry. Cars will stop to let you pass but don’t bet on their perfect behavior cause they will let you down. They are also in a hurry and confused by all the noise. Don’t be fooled by them stopping cause you are in for surprises. So get going and prove you know how to drive an ambulance in these free van parking games.