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Park My Boat 1


Online parking games are more and more numerous on the internet, along with other types of sport games. Park My Boat in one of these free parking games online and I must say one of the most catchy games of its kind. The graphics consist of vivid colors dominated by the watery blue that we all like. And although you have to park a boat, there's also an environment waiting for you to admire and other types of good looking boats parked near the player's parking spot.

Free parking games online are not just for those who enjoy driving a car, but there are also boats that you can try to park in a specified location. But I must warn you, it's not easy to park a boat. It moves on water, not on the ground and thus you'll most likely have the feeling that the controls are a bit off. If you move your boat only in circles, then it means you're doing something wrong. Free parking games online require a bit of attention and precision when parking the given vehicle. This particular boat can be control by rotating the rudder that is situated to the back of the machine.

Just like in some of the free parking games online, here too the up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key will brake and move the boat backwards and the left and right arrow keys, as I have already mentioned, will rotate the directional rudder.

Free parking games online are not just about moving a car from one point to another. The player has to enjoy the game play, the graphics and also the music. Park My Boat 1 has a soundtrack that is not too slow, but still not annoyingly loud. And another extra good point that this game deserves goes for the fact that almost every level brings something new to the game play. For example, after managing to park the boat in the first level, the second one brings a bomb that the player must not touch while sailing around. If by mistake you hit it, you'll have to start the level again. 

We hope you enjoyed playing Park My Boat 1 and we also recommend you to try our other free parking games online. They are at least as entertaining as this one and definitely worth trying.